A Magazine Curated by Erdem
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Published by A Magazine Curated By
29 x 21 cm

A Magazine Curated By Erdem is a cross-cultural, time-travelling exploration of Erdem's diverse range of sociological and aesthetic references that centres on the disruptive figures of crucial periods in our collective history. Throughout the issue, game-changing figures from gender-bending Edwardian aristocrats to creative wunderkinds meet the gaze of contemporary image-makers from across the globe.

As a non-identical twin, Erdem reflects upon the themes of duality and mirroring, deconstructing the notion of twinning and the fluidity of gender in his exploration of Orlando by Virginia Woolf and the 1993 film by Sally Potter. Erdem’s deeply personal dedication to the project can be witnessed throughout, with a series of interviews with Glenn Close, Roni Horn, Tim Blanks and Sally Potter, as well as two photographic series conducted by the designer himself — one feature close friends, family, and muses while the other features principal dancers and artists from the Royal Ballet.

An arresting cyanotype study of the tulip by creative director Thomas Persson and photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen is the subject of a limited-edition gloss photo print insert found in each magazine. Bursting with colour and life, A Magazine Curated By Erdem is a swirling celebration of fashion, photography, modern and contemporary painting, arthouse cinema, music and queer pop culture as seen from Erdem’s sophisticated, witty point of view.

Selected contributors include: Anj Smith, Amanda Harlech, Anne Collier, Bruce LaBruce, Campbell Addy, Charlie Porter, Christopher Kane, Cindy Sherman, Ethan James Green, Glenn Close, Guinevere Van Seenus, Guy Bourdin, Kaye Donachie, James Righton, Michael Stipe, Nicholas Cullinan, Patrick Procktor, Pet Shop Boys, Sally Potter, Sarah Mower, Roni Horn, Tim Blanks, Trinity Ellis, William Waterworth & many more.