By Jacco Bunt

Copy and paste is the action of duplicating and organising form and colour by copying it and later pasting it somewhere else. Beautiful series of drawings by Berlin Based artist Jacco Bunt. Limited edition of 300. Riso printed with orange on Papago Jaune Intense 80gsm and 160gsm by Quintal Atelier in Paris.

Quintal Éditions is a creation studio and a publishing house for printed works created by Oscar Ginter. Quintal strives to synergize the artisanal and manual work of artists and the automatic creative processes linked to new digital tools. By using diverse and inventive printing techniques, Quintal Éditions seeks to increase the range of possibilities by encouraging formal and typographical experiments without ever neglecting the playful dimension of its activity. <text from publisher, translated from French>

Published by Quintal Éditions
France, 2021
ISBN: 9782490649082
13.5 x 10 cm
96 pages

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