FIELDNOTES issue 4 – Lines of Light
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Published by FIELDNOTES
Autumn/Winter 2022
24 x 17 cm

The fourth issue of FIELDNOTES is an organism composed of many oscillating units, like suns that sway or intensify according to various systems of balance, freely interacting and allowing for plasmic flows to form bonds between membranes.

The collective behaviour of the constituent parts drives the organism's locomotion.

The nature of our ploughing is transversal, lines intersect with lines intersect with lines: we are sliding along like beads on a wire, crosslinking the proteins, decoding the sequence while staying in it. Every line of flight is a bolt hurtling towards the interior. Close listening is required, we are guided by unnamed sounds, by singing fridges and piezoelectric flashes which remind us to be the plasma! You arrive at a destination and call a friend, but their phone is off, the arrival is only a momentary hesitation along the trajectory of a continuous departure. Horses do not gallop but are caught in a state of inertial motion, both moving and not moving, like trees that try to lift up their roots to walk. Look, how do you expect me to get from A to B without some kind of movement? Progress is difficult, we are dragging our heads along the pavement, we are digging this hole with our bare hands, we are crawling down the aisle towards the stage, biting the fingers of the audience who film us on their phones. Ignore and proceed.

FIELDNOTES is an artist-run publishing project based in Newham in east London. We produce a print journal twice a year and a public programme of workshops, radio broadcasts, screenings and readings. Founded in 2020, FIELDNOTES aims to promote and support non-conforming creative practices that pioneer new cultural forms.

There is always a third thing between two things that are known. We are interested in whatever there is between translations & transitions, friendships & collaborations, things-in-progress, converging genres and methods of poetic innovation. Our purpose is to provide a test site for ideas and research; a space for experimental modes and new prototypes.