Pin-Up issue 32

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new arrivals, architecture, art

Published by Pin-Up Magazine
US, 2022
28.5 x 23.5 cm
258 pages

What is art? Where does it come from? And how and where is it shown? PIN–UP 32 is entirely dedicated to the architecture of art, from labor policies, to curatorial practices, to the physical context in which things are viewed. On the cover: a 1:10 model of artist Wolfgang Tillmans’s first exhibition in New York City in 1994.

    The Canadian First Nation architect creates work informed by the indigenous values he was raised withInterview by Whitney MallettPortraits by Yang Shi

    The Berlin-based artist uses the language of domestic interiors to express the complexities of political ideologyInterview by Victoria CamblinPortraits by Nadine Fraczkowski

    The Dutch snowboarder turned designer’s shiny objects defy strict typologies of furniture designInterview by Felix BurrichterPortraits by Ari Versluis

Also in the issue: Wolfgang Tillmans tours his collection of 1:10 exhibition models. Thelma Golden discusses the importance of creating Black spaces. Christine Binswanger and Kathy Halbreich talk about Herzog & de Meuron's years of art experience. Designer Jonathan Muecke claims to make the same objects over and over again. Artists Lap-See Lam, Ser Serpas, and Wang Shui complicate the physicality of space. Odd Matter pay tribute to the beaches of Corsica. Trevor McFedries and Dena Yago's attempt at explaining the architecture of the decentralized web. Curator Jordan Carter makes a case for two-dimensional architecture. Seoul's Cava Life discovers a new crop of designers. Architect Enzo Valerio praises in the benefits of hands-on architecture. Anonymous stage an institutional coup. Esther Choi, Durga Chew-Bose, and Paul Johnson spill their wisdoms. And lots of jewelry, glassware, sofas, and pretty leather loungers.

Also: Alice Bucknell on the architecture of game space.

PLUS: rediscovering Aldo Rossi; re-appreciating James Rose; and reclaiming outsider architecture by the likes of Bruno Weber, Facteur Cheval, and Isaiah Zagar. And a pit stop at Dior in Paris.

© Lumpen Projects 2022

© Lumpen Projects 2022