Revue Faire issue 32 – Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Bráulio Amado
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Published by Empire Books
ISBN: 9791095991199
France, 2021
29.7 x 21 cm
20 pages

An interview by Manon Bruet:
Writing about a person that one has never met is somewhat like conducting an investigation. The preparation involves collecting words (theirs, those of others), images, sometimes sounds; all clues that allow us to make projections and to formulate theories. In short, it is to attempt to understand and reconstitute a personality, a practice, and ultimately a territory, over time. My investigation into Bráulio Amado began last January when I bought his book 2018 from the site of the Portuguese publisher Stolen Books. I then pursued my enquiry over a number of months, during which I found myself transported in turn from the underground basements of clubs and the Lisbon or New York music scenes, to the columns of an American weekly business magazine, finally ending up at the heart of a certain relationship between the historical poster designer and the very topical graphic designer-illustrator.