Experimental comics and
contemporary drawing



Once a year Lumpen Projects publishes its main title Standard Deviation, a magazine for experimental comics and contemporary drawing. Each issue includes a series of interviews with different artists and showcases their work.
We also publish experimental comics and visual zines, so if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch using the email provided below.

We particularly encourage submissions from unpublished authors / artists, people from all ethnic backgrounds, members of the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities.

Submissions for Standard Deviation
We are mainly interested in interviews and conversations with artists that predominately experiment with the medium of comics / drawing (600 to 4,000 words), and in images of their work (20 to 40). The images can include scans, photos, drawings, sketches etc.

Submissions for comics / zines
We are looking for short stories (16 to 48 pages), these are printed in black and white using a standard A5 format. We are always open to chat about your project, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

How to submit
Email us at specifying if you are submitting for the next issue of Standard Deviation or if you are looking to get your comic / zine published by us. In the email please write your full name with some details about yourself + a description of your submission. For written text please send us a Doc or a PDF file. For images and visuals please use WeTransfer. Images should be at highest resolution possible (300dpi minimum).

If you have any questions regarding your submission, feel free to write us an email, we are always happy to respond to any of your queries.

We are working towards being able to adequately pay everyone that works for us / with us. We can currently offer a small compensation and a free copy of the magazine for any submission that is featured in Standard Deviation. For comics / zines publishing, earnings will be equally divided with 50% going directly to the artist and 50% to Lumpen Projects to cover printing, shipping and funding future releases.