The Existence Of "things" And The Eternity Of "site" by Kishio Suga
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Published by HeHe
ISBN: 9784908062391
Japan, 2021
26 x 19 cm
148 pages

Identified with the Mono-ha art movement that emerged in Japan from the late 1960s through the 1970s, sculptor and installation artist Kishio Suga is known for work that explores the relationship of its materials with the audience and site. It is characterised by the simple act of aligning, bending, and combining things such as stone, wood, and metal.

Published to coincide with Suga’s major solo exhibition at his hometown of Iwate in northern Japan, this book contains more than 100 works in a wide range of media, including relief, drawing, photography, installation, and activation, offering a comprehensive reflection on his artistic practice over the past 50 years and a recent interview.